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At KCM, we believe in the long-term potential of the stock and bond markets to achieve financial wealth. KCM’s investment philosophy focuses on the importance of compounding long term capital growth. Our fundamental investment philosophy is supported by several proprietary software models to monitor market risk in conjunction with our partners’ cumulative years of industry experience.  While understanding that the needs of high net worth individuals can be far more complex than those of the typical retail investor, KCM sets about structuring custom portfolios that address the specific goals of each client.

Regardless of asset class, KCM’s investment process follows basic principles that feature a strong management discipline while paying special attention to fundamental valuations. In addition, each of our partners adheres to clearly defined rules for asset selection and portfolio building to ensure that clients receive products with the characteristics and long-term performance patterns that best suit their needs. This applies to Core Equity Portfolios, Balanced Accounts and Fixed Income Portfolio Products.