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KCM acts as an independent, employee owned Registered Investment Advisor under Section 203(c) of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. We are recognized for adhering to our core competency, and offering only Domestic Large Cap Equity and Domestic Fixed Income investment management for a limited client base. Over the years we have established an exceptional reputation for sound money management for a client base of successful families, trusts, endowments and institutions.

The firm requires a minimum of 10 years of business experience for those partners involved in managing investment portfolios for its clients. KCM’s investment objective is to establish the proper asset allocation for each individual account while being cognizant of every client’s tolerance to risk. To achieve these objectives, KCM’s partners employ long-term secular forecasting combined with ongoing fundamental analysis and investment management to meet client needs.

  1. Your account will be managed by a member of our senior management team with direct communication flowing between you and the key decision maker.

  2. Our years of investment experience provide us with a formidable foundation of market knowledge. KCM has developed a process based, highly disciplined approach to portfolio building that works.  The core concept behind our fundamental investment methodology is the marriage and interdependence of both risk control (top-down) and classical security analysis (bottom-up) traditions.Short term runs in Small Cap Growth Stocks, or Emerging Country Debt can look enticing when reported in the headlines, however, over longer periods of time these niche investment styles generally under-perform a risk-controlled top-down approach that invests in larger US stocks and high quality domestic fixed income securities. We remain committed to our basic philosophical underpinnings and unless directed by our clients, rarely pursue investment trends that increase the risk to principal.
  3. We put the client first. We are not motivated by commissions, parent company research, or underwriting fees. We offer truly independent research for our clients. We don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach that dominates the industry. Our formula allows and even encourages individualized and personalized portfolio management for each and every account. The combination of our competitive fee structure, low transaction costs and minimal portfolio turnover provides an environment where our clients are able to preserve their capital for long-term appreciation and growth.